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Hello and welcome! I'm so happy you found your way here.

I'm Laurie Eastwood; a passionate creator of colorful, symbolic art, seen through the lens of wonder and curiosity.

As an artist and retreat leader I encourage everyone to concentrate less on creating a master piece and more on mastering peace.

I am a stand for possibility and the magic and mystery in the unknown; found when we dig deep and follow our soul's inklings. I believe we have to lose our mind to find our heart!

I've declared myself an artist for over 40 years. My 1st foray was in the world of black-and-white hand tinted photos which I sold successfully in the wholesale market. After 12 years I left the business. It had become too familiar and it was then I began my journey to understand and embrace the creative process.

My art now is intuitive, colorful and filled with symbolism and it's always playful and fun!

My inspiration comes from nature and noticing. Noticing patterns, play, changes, color, symbols, sounds, shadows, light, connection and sacred geometry.

What lights me up is playing in my studio, being curious and letting the art speak to me . It has become a metaphor for life.

I love to share my wonder in the process and love to see the transformation when peoole discover the joy in their individual expression.

I hope you’ll join me!